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UTK Policies and Procedures Updates

New UTK Policies and Procedures: 

GE0001-K- Procedure on the Development of Campus Policies and Procedures – Procedure GE0001-K defines the framework for developing, approving, communicating, maintaining, tracking, and updating campus policy documents as required by general policy GE0001. 

UTK Policies and Procedures no longer in effect: 

FI0450-K-Moving StipendProcedure FI0450-K disallowed moving stipend eligibility for non-exempt employees. This restriction is now removed, and unit must adhere to eligibility requirements as outlined in fiscal policy FI0450 with no campus specific restrictions. (Former Supplement FI0450 -K attached for reference.)  

FI0531-K-Travel Card ProcedureProcedure FI0531-K imposed limited use restrictions of the travel card for local business meals. The card was restricted to meals with job candidates and third-party collaborators. The travel card may now be used for local business meals in accordance with fiscal policy FI0531 with no campus specific restrictions. (Former Procedure FI0531 -K attached for reference.) 

FI00004-K-Appliances PurchasingProcedure FI00004-K required departments to gain CBO approval for appliance purchases for breakrooms. After reviewing this policy, it was determined appliance approval is deemed a responsibility of the Department, Dean, or Unit and therefore CBO approval is no longer required. (Former Policy FI00004 -K attached for reference.)   

Contact Kim McCullock, Associate Vice Chancellor of Finance & Administration, for more details.